New Car Dealers Foundation / Special Olympics BC Auction

The 2018 New Car Dealers Foundation / Special Olympics BC Auction is now live!

If you are interested in viewing and/or bidding on items, the website is

If you haven’t been on the site before, below please find some information to make the registering/bidding process easy:

How do I register?

You can either register when you first make a bid or donation, or go to My Account or My Bids and click on Register.

How do I make a bid?

Click on Lot Items, scroll through the list, and select the item you want to bid on. At the bottom of the page beneath the photo and description, the page will show you the current winning bid and the next minimum bid you need to make. Enter your bid amount into the field at the bottom of the page and click Place Bid. If you are not registered, you will be prompted to enter your details.

How do I know if I have been outbid?

You can see the current winning bids on the lot list. You can also go into the My Bids area and see all the items you are currently bidding on. You will also be sent an email and text notification (if you have supplied this information when registering) if you have been outbid.

When does the auction site close?

The online auction will close on May 10 at 7 pm, but you will still be able to view and check in to see your winning bids.

Maximum Bids

After placing a bid you will also be able to place a ‘Max Bid’ on that item which will mean that, the system bids for you up to that amount. Simply enter the amount and then select Place Max Bid.

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