Run, Jump, Throw Opportunity for Athletes


Makayla Mitchell is organizing a track and field event for children aged 9-18 on the Autism Spectrum. Track and field has always been a large aspect of Makayla’s life and she wants to share her passion with individuals on the Autism Spectrum in a “run, jump, throw” modeled event. The “run, jump, throw” program which was developed by Athletics Canada teaches fundamental movement skills and develops physical literacy.

This event will provide an opportunity to have a structured and specialized program where athletes are able to try track and field through a series of games, activities and challenges friendly to all skills and abilities. Studies have shown that physical activity for youth with Autism improves their motor skills, fitness, social functioning and muscular strength and endurance. Track and field is thought to be a top sport for children on the Autism Spectrum as it doesn’t require constant communication, but is still in a social environment with other children who have the same interests. Looking forward to a fun filled event!

The event will take place 10:30-12:30 August 10th, 2019 with a BBQ to follow. It is a free event with T-shirts given to participants. Parent participation required.

Register at this Link:

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