SO Nanaimo: COVID-19 SOBC Update


Hello Everyone,

Summary: All SO activities (meetings, courses, competitions, programs, etc.) suspended until at least April 30th. For updates on COVID-19 go here:

I hope this email finds you well during this difficult time and that you’re doing your best to stay positive and active! Special Olympics is a wonderful and unique group and I know we will support each other as much as possible over the coming weeks.

Attached is a calendar (click here to view) that athletes (and coaches) can use to help stay active while practicing social distancing or self isolation and you can also read the latest update from SOBC. If you have any questions about either or just want to reach out please contact myself or one of your coaches.

I intend to post an update once a week on Fridays (big thanks to Norm, Dave and Angela for helping me with this!) whether or not there have been any changes to our programs. If you have anything you would like me to include in these updates that would be beneficial to our community please contact me at SO.Nanaimo.Local.Coordinator. If you know of any athletes or coaches that don’t have access to the internet please pass this message on to them.

For those of you in the TL;DR crowd there will be a bold summary statement at the top of each post (like this one!).

All the best,


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