Important News About Registration!

Quarterway Elementary School

September 15 2015
Time; 7:00-8:30 p.m.

**Please bring your B.C. Medical Card       

** Bring your filled in Medical form that is mailed to you
Help with your form will be given if needed

There is a raise in fees this year because the lack of donations and money made from fund raisers. Special Olympics is a charitable organization supported only by the community.  These prices still do not pay for the facilities the sports use. Hopefully we have a better year with raffle sales and help at the fundraisers we have. We get 10% of the donations Staples and JYSK make and they make more money when the athletes are helping at the stores.

Registration fee———-$25 before Oct 31st.——$30 for late registration
Cash or Cheques made payable to SOBC NANAIMO

5 and 10 pin bowling————$4
Swimming————————-$50 PREPAID for 4 months, Sept. and Jan.
Ski Trips—Athletes pay for Adapted Ski registration which gives you half price on lift and needed rentals.  We charge you half this lift fare and half the   transportation, divided amongst all participants attending.

Travel to competitions ———$30 per day up to a maximum of $60                                                                                   $60 to attend Provincial Competitions
Local competitions—————$$ the registration fee determined for the event

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