Special Olympics Nanaimo Basketball Starting!


Calling all Basketball Players!

We’re happy to launch a shortened basketball season next week for all athletes that want to get out and play. Basketball will start on Tuesday, May 10th from 7-8pm at Quarterway School and run for six weeks until June 14th. Everyone welcome!

1 thought on “Special Olympics Nanaimo Basketball Starting!

  1. Hello!,

    My name is Deborah. Our family has recently moved to Nanaimo (Ladysmith) and are keen to get involved in the local Special Olympics. Jacob, 20 years old, has participated for the past 8 years in several programs both in Surrey and Langley. Most recently, he was on the competitive B and A team for basketball in Langley and he was a volunteer coach at the South Surrey Fundamentals program. He’s a basketball enthusiast and I know he’ll want to get involved here – both for the sport and meeting new friends.

    I’m not sure of the basketball level of the participants in Nanaimo but we’d love an opportunity to come out and see if Jacob would fit in.

    I also read (somewhere) about a 3on3 basketball program? I’m not sure if you know anything about that.

    Please call me at 250-722-2664 or 604-512-5462 if you’re able to spare the time. I’d appreciate any assistance on how to get him involved.

    Thanks so much.

    Warmest Regards,



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